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Ip Based Technology

PIOTEC goal is to present total deterrence and protection solutions that result in peace of mind of our customers. PIOTEC grants total security solutions for clients in residential, commercial industrial and governmental marketplaces.

Intelligent surveillance analysis is the future of security. PIOTEC software makes a surveillance system more than a recording device: it becomes an active tool for improving the quality and effectiveness of surveillance operations. The primary purpose of any surveillance system should be preventative. By alerting the user to events as they happen, operators are able to take immediate action. This software enables security officers to react to events in real time and in fact, often to pre-empt disasters. A security system is only as good as the intelligence it provides:


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PIOTEC provides the Latest Remote Monitoring Capabilities for All Your Personal and Security Needs .IP surveillance solutions from PIOTEC allow you to monitor your office, warehouse, or campus from virtually anywhere.

IP networks are flexible, powerful and advantageous, and they are the key to providing you with wide ranging possibilities in system design, applications and solutions. Simply connect a network camera (or video server that is attached to an analog camera) directly to a computer network by wired or wireless means, and you'll have access to live video streams directly from your desktop with the use of a standard Web browser on a local area network or from any location in the world via the Internet.

The Next Generation Security Camera Application

  • Industry's Most Cost-Effective Surveillance Camera Solution

  • Advanced Functionality and Features not Found in Most CCTV Camera


  • Remote Monitoring and Recording Capability Most Network Attached


  • Built on Standards-Based IP Protocols and Established Networking


  • Easily Grows and Expands with Your Security or Monitoring Requirements

CCTV Solutions

PIOTEC provide CCTV systems which meet the requirements of a variety of property types, such as retail premises, educational establishments, industrial sites and offices. CCTV can be simple or complex, for example to identify individuals or vehicles, to alert an operator to the presence of an individual or to visually patrol a pre-defined area. Once objectives have been agreed, an appropriate mix of system components can be recommended. Digital CCTV systems provide you with superior, high quality video and sound, stored digitally to hard-disk - removing the need for tape archives.

  • Control your business remotely

  • View live video feeds from all of your stores

  • Manage your cameras from anywhere with the Internet

Digital Video Recording

Digital video management system that digitally records multiple camera images directly to the internal hard drive, eliminating the need for conventional VCRs and their associated maintenance and degradation limitations. However, it does more than just record; it provides simultaneous recording, playback and archiving whilst using its sophisticated search functions to define and find only those important events that meet your criteria. It provides a powerful, intelligent solution to your security and operations systems. It is networkable, easily integrates with other equipment and is a cost effective solution for many new and existing customers.

Security Access Control System

(Pioneer Technology) will help in deploying Door Security Access and Biometric solution for Small and Medium range business , enterprise business and public places, such as , Healthcare, Universities , Schools , Industrial ,banks , and any where individual access needs to be controlled and monitored.

PIOTEC specializes in providing Biometric solutions to both private and government organizations and you will find our technical offer the most effective and impressive. We have a team of highly experienced engineers who will endeavor to provide this professional solution to full fill the satisfaction and support. PIOTEC, intend to work together with Customer on the Global Superhighway of Information Technology and you will find PIOTEC as a total solution organization.

System Solution & Features::

  • Installing an access control system into your business environment is a way of protecting your property, your

    personnel, and your visitors.

  • You will be in control because you will manage access to (and from) any area of your building(s), however

    large or small.

  • Access control gives you the flexibility to restrict entry to designated areas inside your building if and when


  • Access control system provides you enable your business security Lock down by door, by building region, or

    the entire network.

  • Access control system provides strict controls for each door and each building region.

Strong Athentication:

Keep your assets safe and restricted areas secure from unauthorized access while quickly granting entrance to personnel physical access readers use advanced pattern based biometric algorithms for fingerprint authentication and proximity cards.

Protect assets with multi-factor authentication using PINs, proximity cards, smart cards and biometrics. Ensure employees do not exchange access control cards or fail to report them when they go missing.

Access Control System:

  • Only authorized employees gain access to buildings and restricted areas housing confidential records and

    financial information. FID Cards - Radio Frequency Identification Cards (also known as Proximity Cards) are

    plastic cards (very similar to credit cards) that are embedded with tiny antennas to transmit data to a reader

    via radio frequency.

  • Proximity access control which is cost effective. Users have the option to use Proximity cards or finger

    access to present to the readers to gain access into a secure area.

  • Proximity card readers are convenient, fast, and simple to use; you just hold your proximity card in front of

    the reader, and your code is instantly and securely transmitted from the card to the reader via radio signal.

    Reduce administrative and human resource costs while quickly give employees access to restricted areas — it

    is as simple as the touch of a finger or turn of a head.

Time Attendance Management

  • Keeping track of employees' attendance is vital to time management and the efficiency of a business, Time

    and attendance systems allow companies to manage, monitor and produce reports of employee’s attendance.

  • Easily and efficiently track your employee time.

  • Manage your time & attendance data and employee profiles.

  • Eliminate buddy punching.

  • Reduce the headaches and time associated with payroll.

Solution Video Conferencing

It’s time to take another look at video communication. PIOTEC makes communicating at a distance as natural as being in the same room. PIOTEC high definition video communications deliver superior quality of experience, unique flexibility and unmatched price performance. Communicate with customers, partners, and employees around the globe – in true high definition video.

  • Gain a fast return on their investment as their teams easily collaborate "face to face" wherever they are

  • Cut the time, cost, and carbon emissions associated with gathering the right people in one place to solve


  • Apply saved resources, time, and energy to primary business and organizational challenges

  • Video Communications

    Choose your video system based on the features you want while benefiting from the HD quality experience.

    PIOTEC offers a complete range of high definition solutions for any environment. Communicate anytime,

    anywhere with PIOTEC Video Solutions.

  • Audio Communications

    An authentic communications experience requires high definition audio. PIOTEC? Phone? is the high

    definition audio conference phone that delivers revolutionary audio conferencing sound quality and room


Fleet Tracking Managment

PIOTEC Fleet Tracking provides the following:

where the vehicles are now and where they have been.

Stops, Mileage, Run time, Locations, Sensors, Fleet, Maintenance, Automated Payroll/Billing

Speeding, off-hours operation, arrive/depart location, in/out zones

Closest vehicle to location, Real-Time Service Calls, Emergencies

Expanded data service to 90% of US Population with new GSM data service from Cingular & TMobile

We can provide expert installation if needed with our network of authorized installers




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